Hi, FIRST NAME, this is YOUR NAME from Seacliff Sales Accelerator.

I'm following up on an email we sent over to you regarding helping you with your sales efforts there at COMPANY NAME.

Do you have a couple minutes?

NO - note it in summary email and Matt will update in Salesforce

YES - So, briefly, what we do is help you scale your sales efforts. This can mean a lot of things, but usually it starts with helping you get your outbound working super efficiently. Getting contact information for prospects and reaching out to them regularly and systematically - this usually includes, at minimum, a couple of introductory emails and phone call or the one we're having right now. :-)

Our company is run by Matthew Pell, and we're small, but he helped get a startup going in 2007 that was eventually sold to Cerner and he had to figure out how to sell super efficiently with almost no budget...and now he helps other companies do the same thing. Usually we work with a company for anywhere from 3-12 months depending on what they need help with. But at the end of our work together we leave you with a very detailed daily playbook for your sales team to use to continue the systems that we've helped put in place. Matt will sometimes act as the Interim VP of Sales and do outward facing work like talking to prospects, and sometimes focuses just on internal things if you already have a sales team. With the cold calls, obviously, we are representing you directly with the prospects.

--- if they'd like to set up a meeting, you can see my calendar @ (click on that link) and you can book me

--- if they'd like information tell them we'll send it over to them and I'll take care of that


Common Questions:

How much does it cost? It varies, anywhere from $3K - $15K per month depending on what we end up doing together, and for how long

How long are typical engagements? All over the least 3 months and we have had several clients where we've worked together for a year or more

Do you come on-site? Yes, we can but don't always - case by case.

Can you provide references? Yes, but out of respect to the people we provide we like to make sure we're at the right stage in the sales process. Would you say that if the references were positive we'd likely sign an agreement?

What kind of companies have you worked with, what industries? First, it's always B2B and we have tended to have a little more business in the med tech world because that's where many of our backgrounds are...but we've worked with all sorts of companies. The typical profile is that the company has recently received their first significant ($1M +) in funding and are looking to scale sales.