Matthew Pell

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Principal     Seacliff Sales Accelerator (click company name for site)     2011 - Present

My consulting business where I either act as a VP of Sales (outward facing) or Sales Ops Specialist (inward facing) or a combination of both. I've taken what I learned while growing PureWellness from 3 to 27 employees, with very little hiring in the sales area, and apply that to other early stage technology companies who are looking to scale sales quickly and efficiently.

Getting the right sales technology in place is important, and then using it efficiently is the next step. I help with both of these steps and leave clients with a well-documented, daily, system that we develop together.

I've worked with over 20 companies in the past five years, including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Healthrageous, Big Health,, Fitnet and Imorgon Medical.


Director of Sales and Marketing     PureWellness (acquired by Cerner)     2007 - 2011

My first foray into sales, Huge learning curve. Very little budget and barely any product. SaaS wellness platform for employers, brokers and health plans.

Team of three out of the gate, myself and two engineers.

First sale to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta within six months of starting paved the way for future success. They were/are a "Top 100 best places to work" award winner and selling in to them was an extremely complex sale. 

Leveraged technology, systems and hard work every day to get our name out there and successfully compete against some big competitors (some were public, all had more money than we did).

Grew revenue from virtually $0 to $9M in committed revenue, all in multi-year agreements (2-5 years each) for our SaaS platform.

Broke into the health plan market after two years, which dramatically changed the trajectory of the company. Difficult, complex, sale with stakeholders from many divisions with different expectations and demands. 


Director, Implementations     Medical Present Value (acquired by Experian)     2004-2007

Lead implementations of complex medical billing systems throughout the country


CRM Implementation Manager     Cisco Systems     2001-2001

Lead implementation of the Kana CRM system within Cisco


Operations Management Roles     ePhysician, diCarta, Demandline (all three companies went under)     1999-2001

Exciting times at a handful of early-stage, ill-fated startups - support and implementation management and execution


Director, Implementations     IDX Systems (acquired by GE)     1998-1999

Lead a group of 27 Implementation Specialists responsible for the VM/HPA product suite


Director, Install Logistics     Cemax-Icon, Inc. (acquired by Kodak)     1997-1998

Managed the logistics for 43 outside service personnel throughout the country


Technical Support Analyst     Acuson Corp (acquired by Siemens Medical)     1994-1997

Provided front line technical support for mini-PACS product and other applications


Education     B.S., Business Administration/Marketing     California State University, Los Angeles

Other Info:   Soccer fan and coach, The Checklist Manifesto + Drive = two books who explain a lot about me. How do you develop simple systems to drive motivation and success in anything. Proud father of four and husband of one. Believe that the best path to success is by helping those around you succeed. Life is short, hard work is it's own reward, let's get to it.